Sunday, October 7, 2012

Itasca Child Photographer | Two Friends {Boho-Chic}

Photography has become one of my passions and capturing these sweet friends sharing a moment together on a beautiful afternoon only intensifies my desire to take take more pictures.
The sun was just beginning to set and the girls quickly took in their surroundings.  Immediately they were drawn to the wildflowers...  
and began picking.
Between secrets and giggles it wasn't long before both girls had accummulated a small bouquet of flowers.  
Just the right amount to accessorize their headbands.

They were so much fun to photograph.     
 And I'm grateful to have been able to capture this sweet moment in their lives as friends.  We had enough time for a clothing change and decided to shake things up a little...
Halloween is right around the corner so we lost the headbands and added some attitude.    


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